Professor Robert Pryor
Member, College of Organisational Psychologists
Registered Psychologist (NSW).

Professor Robert Pryor is the Managing Director of CONGRUENCE Pty Ltd. He has held this position since 1988. Robert has worked continuously in the career development field since 1974. For 17 years he was employed with the New South Wales Government in roles including careers counselling, career development research, psychological test construction, counsellor training, labour market policy analysis, programme evaluation, organizational development and team management. He was the first psychologist to become a Senior Research Scientist in the Public Service.

Since that time he has worked for a variety of consultancies in addition to CONGRUENCE in the vocational, organisational and rehabilitation fields. Robert has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels since 1983 variously at the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and the University of New South Wales. For three years Professor Pryor was the Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, University of New South Wales. In 2006 he was invited to become the Adjunct Professor in the School of Education of the Australian Catholic University, National.

Robert’s doctoral thesis was entitled, “THE NATURE AND MEASUREMENT OF VALUES AND PREFERENCES RELATED TO WORK”. It focuses on the role of work values in career development and the construction of the Work Aspect Preference Scale. He has authored over 300 publications in the career development field including governmental research reports, peer reviewed journal articles, chapters in various books, psychological tests and counselling resources and other professional publications.

Professor Pryor’s professional contributions include being the longest serving member of the Ethics Committee of the Australian Psychological Society for 15 years and the Ethical Guidelines Committee for a further 7 years. He was part of committee of the Australian Psychological Society which redrafted the Society’s CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. In addition he has served on several national and international journal editorial boards. At present he is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Australian Journal of Career Development.

Professor Pryor has been a regular presenter at international and national professional conferences since 1980 and has been a keynote speaker for the Career Development Association of Australia on various occasions since 1991. Robert has run numerous training programs for counsellors over the last three decades on topics as varied as professional ethics, psychological assessment, report writing, counselling techniques, career development theory, negotiation, presentation techniques, rehabilitation counselling, job placement, chaos theory and case management.

With Professor Jim Bright he is a leading theorist in the application of chaos theory to career development and life transition. The latest book is entitled “THE CHAOS THEORY OF CAREERS: A new perspective on working in the twenty-first century.” New York: Routledge.

In addition he is a consultant for a multidisciplinary medico-legal consultancy, the VOCATIONAL CAPACITY CENTRE. Robert conducts employability assessments for organisations and courts not only in Australia but also in Great Britain and South Africa.

In 2006 Professor Pryor was honoured with Fellow status by the Australian Psychological Society in recognition of his status in the profession, his contribution to the work of the APS and his professional contribution to the field.

In 2007 he was made a Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia. In 2010 the Journal of Vocational Behaviour acknowledged Professor Pryor as one of the top ten international contributors to the field of career development over the last 35 years.