At CONGRUENCE we have used the COVID-19 downtime to pursue an extensive program of materials revision.

  • An update of the Answer Sheet and Profile Sheet of the Congruence Interest Sort has also been undertaken.

The Occupations Listing has been an integral part of the use of the Occupational Search Inventory and the Congruence Interest Sort since their original construction. The Seventh Edition of the Occupations Listing represents a major revision. Feedback from Congruence customers along with surveys of job advertisements, training institution handbooks, recruitment agency websites and other online job databases confirmed the need for this revision.

Among the major changes and additions to this revision of the Occupations Listing include:

  • Additional new occupations to reflect changes in the world of work, particularly in the areas of management, information technology and community and personal services
  • The number of occupation title entries has increased by over 400
  • Less common and more specialised occupations
  • Some occupational titles have been updated in line with recent designations and alternative titles have been included to assist in searching across interest categories
  • Obsolete occupational titles have been removed
  • The Interest Scale descriptions have been expanded
  • Interest codes have been re-examined and revised for all occupations