Luck Readiness is defined as recognising, creating utilising, and adapting to opportunities and outcomes occasioned by chance. The Luck Readiness Index assesses eight dimensions: Flexibility, Optimism, Risk, Curiosity, Persistence, Strategy, Efficacy, and Luckiness. The LRI is 52 items long, usually takes no more than ten minutes to complete and can be understood by anyone with a grasp of English sufficient to be able to read a newspaper.
Among the ways it can be used are to help diagnose potential strengths and limitations in individuals’ ability to use luck, to stimulate creative responses to career development of those who feel “stuck” in a particular job, to encourage a positive response to change among those who feel threatened or “victimised” by unplanned events often beyond their control and to guide those who want to improve their “luck readiness” as part of the development of an entrepreneurial strategy for their future. The potential for the LRI to be used for career development research, team building, staff development and organisational change adaptation, all also appear promising.

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